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A Tailored Letting Service

The DRH Letting Process


Unsure what the market value is for your property or what you can even ask for when it comes to rent. Don’t worry DRH can independently value your property and advise you on how you could increase your yearly yield.


We can market your property to help you find your desired tenants. When mixed with our bespoked tenant matching service we can then market your properties to the demographics you are looking to let too.


Once we’ve found your perfect rental price we will then begin work to find your ideal tenant. Based on local demographics we can recommend the criteria you should set out for your next tenant to ensure you have a seamless letting process.


Once Your property is filled all that is left is for us to manage and maintain the property for you all year round. By following our simple yet effective letting process we can ensure all our clients are getting maximum value for money from their properties.

Why Use a Letting Agent?

Hiring DRH Property Solutions is your easy fix to solve your letting related issues. We are experts in our field specialising in implementing methods that make the entire letting process easier for the Landlord and Tenant alike. Using DRH means you can protect and grow your investment without any of the stresses that come with being a landlord. Documentation, rent payments, damages, repairs, evictions, paperwork all these and many more are problems DRH can provide solutions for.

While we handle the letting side of your property from beginning to end of tenancy there are also so many other unique benefits to using DRH Property Solutions. The health and safety of your property and tenants will always be of paramount importance to us, meaning you can be sure that things like fire alarms and electrical safety inspections will be taken care of by us. We will always work to ensure your property is not only meeting fire safety and rental standards but also we are giving your properties the care they need to ensure your investment is protected.

With growing regulations and safety concerns it is becoming more and more time consuming to be a landlord, this is only further exasperated the more properties you have. You can join the growing group of North West based landlords who are using DRH Property Solutions to manage their lettings so that they can realign their focus where it is needed most, their businesses and personal life

Repairs Covered

Maintenance Taken Care Of

24 Hour Call-outs

Protects Your Investment

Saves You Time

Saves You Money

All Tenants Vetted

Test & Checks Conducted

Rent Collection Service

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Great For Tenants

Tenants around Liverpool love letting properties managed by us. We convey a professional feel and service to any of our tenants so that we can be confident that we are doing everything we can to ensure both landlord and tenant are happy all year round. DRH loves building long standing relationships with tenants catering for their needs as well as the landlords.

Increase Your Returns

Creating a healthy letting eco system is at the heart of what we do at DRH Property Solutions. We can help cultivate your property portfolio ensuring you have the best possible chance of creating consistent revenue streams through your properties. Careful management and maintenance not only protects your revenue streams but also helps you avoid any unforeseen high costs that can come from under maintained properties.

A 24/7 Service

Managing a property means we have to be available at all hours to resolve any issues that can arise within a home. A failure to do so can lead to increased damages, you can rest easy knowing that when a problem arises we have the expertise required to solve any damages, leaks or broken appliances in an efficient and timely manner. DRH Property Solutions are always on hand for 24 hour emergency call outs whenever they are needed.









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