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Property Investment in Liverpool

Build your wealth and invest money wisely with the DRH Property Solutions investment service. The DRH team can help you obtain a property that will hold or build its value while you let it out and gain a passive monthly income. Investing in property is one of the best investment pathways that gives you properties that not only generate income but also build value year upon year.

Why Invest in Property?

Great Investing Time

Now more than ever is one of then best times to invest in property. The UK population is rapidly growing with people across Liverpool and the Northwest seeking accommodation to both buy and rent. So much demand for housing means owning such a sought-after asset like a home will without doubt not only increase in value but also easily be filled by a tenant.

A Stable Investment

While all investments come with risk attached, property investment is widely considered to be one of the safest investment choices. Property prices usually hold value or increase with huge property price increases seen over the past couple of years. Homes can also decrease in value, but the reduction is usually very low when compared to the gains that can be made.  

Personal Property Investment Plan

If you are considering property investment but are unsure where to start, then the DRH personal property investment plan is here to help you. Working closely with DRH they can advise you on the best steps to take for you to build your wealth through property investment. Each circumstance is different which is why DRH will tailor your investment strategy to you.

Great Growth Returns

Passive Income

Tax Benefits

Property Is in High Demand

Major Demand in Prime Locations

Retirement Option

Be As Involved as You Like

Build Your Assets

Protect Your Finances from Inflation


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Why Use DRH To Help You Invest?

In addition to providing personalised property investment strategies, DRH will also assist you post investment. You can make use of a variety of the services offered by the DRH team including maintenance contracts and guaranteed rent schemes. Once you own your property, we will ensure it is well cared for and maintained to ensure that it retains its value.

If you need help letting your property, then the guaranteed rent scheme from DRH will ensure that you get a monthly rental income even if your property is empty! DRH will find ideal tenants for your home ensuring it is looked after by desirable tenants. DRH Offer guaranteed rent contracts that can last up to 5 years.   

Why Invest in Liverpool?

Liverpool is without doubt one of the best cities in the UK to invest in, with property investors diversifying their portfolios and purchasing homes in the Liverpool area. Liverpool offers you a hugely diverse range of tenants with a large student and young professional population looking for rent an affordable home or a room in an HMO.

Redevelopment in the Liverpool city centre is constant with multiple construction projects taking place adding to the desirability of living in the city. The development is attracting investors, students, migrants, and high achieving professionals. There has never been a better time to invest in Liverpool property with home and apartment prices increasingly dramatically each decade.

Consider Commercial Property

If you are considering property investment, then buying homes isn’t your only option. Commercial units are always an ideal purchase with businesses always looking for desirable post code location in Liverpool for their business. Liverpool is home to thousands of young entrepreneurs looking to expand and grow their businesses, this is why commercial units are always in high demand in the Liverpool area.  

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Your PRoperty

Investment FAQ

Will You Help Me Find a property to Invest In?

Yes, DRH will assist you in finding a property that is within your budget and can offer the returns you are seeking. We know the property market inside and out and know how to find you a worthwhile investment that can also be easily let.

Will You Renovate My Property?

Yes. If your property is a “fixer upper” and requires a lot of work, then DRH can help get your property ready for rental or sale. We will handle every aspect of your renovation from kitchens and bathrooms to boilers and maintenance.

Will DRH Let My Property for Me?

Yes, DRH can mange and let your property for you. DRH offer both property management services and rent guarantee schemes meaning you can let your property with DRH and be guaranteed a monthly income.

Can You Handle Property Maintenance?

All the maintenance you will require for your property can be handled by the DRH team. We have skilled builders, electricians, roofers, joiners, and plumbers- to ensure that every part of your home is cared for by an industry professional.

How Much Do I Need to Get Started?

There is no set amount for property investment as many people look for different returns and have differing starting budgets. DRH can source you a property in more affordable area for as little as £80,000 and offer more desirable properties for you to purchase than can cost upwards of £400,000. Your starting investment is down to your goals. You can sit down with the DRH team so they can advise you on what property types are best for you to invest in.

Can You Lose Money When Investing in Property?

Yes, you can lose money when investing in properties. Like all investments property investment can be risky, which is why many people use property management companies like DRH to support and advise their decisions. There are many costs that occur when owning a home from council tax to maintenance and development costs. You will lose money if your property is empty and not generating you a passive income, this is why many investors use the DRH guaranteed rent scheme.

What Types of Property Can I Invest In?

There are a range of properties you can invest in that offer a wide range of returns. Some investment options for you are:

  • Prime Location Properties
  • Prime Location Apartments
  • Family Homes
  • HMO’s
  • Flats / Blocks
  • Retail Units
  • Commercial Properties

Your investment choice will be down to your ideal returns. The DRH team will advise you on which type of property investment is best for your budget.

Where Are You Based?

DRH are based in the centre of Liverpool. In addition to being Liverpool based we are run by Liverpudlians who know the city inside and out.  

You can find us here –

Level One,

Basecamp Liverpool

49 Jamaica Street

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