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Guaranteed Rent in Bootle

Are you currently or planning to rent out a property in the Bootle area? You can kickstart your rental venture with the DRH Rental Guarantee Scheme. DRH have been letting properties in the Bootle and wider Liverpool areas for years and are skilled in finding the right tenant for each home. The Rental Guarantee Scheme will ensure that you are paid for your rental property even if it is empty! DRH Property Solutions will ensure your property is occupied by a respectful tenant who will care for your home for the duration of their rental contract.

Rental Income Guaranteed

Paid on Time on a Date of Your Choosing

You Get Paid Even if No Rent is Paid

Complete Tenant Management

Contract Start Date Guarantee

Eviction or Court Costs Covered

Property Inspections

Property Management & Maintenance

Property Condition Guarantee

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Why Rent Guarantee is Right for You

The DRH Rent Guarantee scheme is ideal for homeowners looking to make money from their property investments but not become a full-time landlord. Sometimes the idea of renting out your property is exciting, but you may be put off by stories of bad tenants and unfilled properties. The DRH Rent guarantee scheme allows you to not worry about your rental home as you will be guaranteed a rental payment whether your property is occupied or not!

Clients of DRH love the freedom the rent guarantee scheme gives them, not having to be bogged down with the day to day managing of tenants and landlord duties. Allowing DRH to manage your rental property will not only protect your income but allow you to focus on your life and other ventures.

How It Works

DRH have tried to make their rental guarantee service as straight forward as possible for any landlords and investors. For up to a period of 5 years DRH can offer you a guaranteed rental income for your property. In this time DRH will let your house, apartment or flat on your behalf taking care of all rental matters from finding tenants to dealing with any issues that can arise and ensuring the property is well maintained. Even if DRH fail to let your property out you will still be paid your agreed rental income every month on a date of your choosing.

– Rental Income Guaranteed
– All Property Maintenance Handled
– All Property Repairs Taken Care Of
– Tenants Managed
– Up to 5 Year Contract Available

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Rent Guaranteed for A Fixed Period

You can get a fixed rent guarantee for a period of up to 5 years with DRH Property Solutions. You will be paid even if the property is empty.

Paid When You Want

Get paid on the date that suits you. Pick a monthly date and DRH will ensure you are paid on that date every month without interruption.

Tenants Managed

You can get a fixed rent guarantee for a period of up to 5 years with DRH Property Solutions. You will be paid even if the property is empty.

Paid No Matter What

DRH Property Solutions will ensure you are paid no matter what happens for the duration of your contract with us. This means even if your property is empty or being repaired you will still get that monthly payment.

Property Maintained

DRH Property Solutions will care for and maintain your property for the duration of your contract with us. Meaning you will not have to worry about any repairs or maintenance on the home needed by your tenants.

Property Condition Guarantee

DRH Property Solutions will also ensure your property is left in a exceptional condition for the duration of your contract. Your property will be left as it was handed over to us subject to any minor wear and tear.

Your Rent

Guarantee FAQ

How Do You Guarantee My Rent?

Your rent will be guaranteed to be paid on a date of your choosing every month for the duration of the contract you sign with DRH Property Solutions.

DRH Property Solutions Ltd is a member of the PRS (Property Redress Scheme) so you will always have someone to turn to if any disputes arise.

How Long Will You Let My Property For?

DRH offer fixed term contracts that can last up to 5 years. Your property can be let by us for longer than that period but will require a new contact.

When is The Rent Paid?

Rent can be paid to you on a date of your choosing. Meaning you can be paid on any day of the month that is best for you. DRH will guarantee your rent is paid on that date.

Who Looks After The Property?

DRH Property Solutions will take care of all aspects of property management and maintenance.

What Happens If the Property Is Empty?

If your property is empty at any point, DRH will still ensure you are paid on your set monthly dates in accordance with your contract.









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