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How to ensure you are saving energy within your home

Homeowners and renters around the UK are frequently seeking for new ways to conserve energy within their home. There are not only environmental benefits to doing this but also the impact on ever rising energy bills. A few positive improvements to your energy consumption can have a vital impact on your yearly energy bills which will help you save money and reduce waste.

At DRH Property Solutions we know how important keeping on top of your energy consumption is, we always stive to implement energy saving techniques within our properties to make them a much more desirable option for any potential occupants. While some energy saving solutions may be expensive such as the type of windows and heating systems you are using there are however many minor changes you could make that will all add up to help you save energy and money.

Here are some considerations that can help you start saving more energy today!

Use energy saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are great alternative to your current lighting systems. These new bulbs are affordable and easy to switch too.

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Turn off all lights & devices in unused areas of your home

This is something that we are all guilty of is leaving the TV on standby or phone chargers plugged in. Homeowners will often be surprised with how much electricity is still used by appliances that are switched off but still plugged into the outlet.  

Use LED Lights

LED Lights are a very popular home addition due to their variety of colours and uses. However, LED lighting can be used as your primary light source further helping you save energy. LED light bulbs are relatively inexpensive and are much more energy efficient than standard ones.

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Keep your heating at a consistently low temperature

Are you someone that heats your home always at 18-20 degrees or do you blast the heating sporadically? It is much more energy efficient to maintain your heating for long periods at a lower temperature than switching it off and on again at higher temperatures. This heating method will not only save you money on your gas bills but also keep your home warmer for longer.

Switch to a Smart Meter

While this may not be possible for all homeowners if the option is available to you then it will be worthwhile. A smart meter not only reduces energy wastage and improves efficiency but also gives you a clear view of your consumption, helping ensure that your energy usage doesn’t sneak out of control.

You can learn more about smart meters and if you are eligible for one here

Look into smart home functionality

Although smart home functionality may require you to install more electrical devices within your home it will improve your energy consumption. By ensuring your lighting and appliances are all linked to an easily controllable dashboard you can easily check to switch off lights and appliances if they have been left on when you are away from home.

You can look into some smart home tech here on Amazon

Wash at ecofriendly temperatures

By reducing your washing temperatures, you will also vastly decrease your energy consumption. Not all washes have to be put on at high heats, eventually you may notice that eco settings on your washing machine will suffice for nearly all your clothes apart from more heavy fabrics such as towels.

Check the energy efficiency rating of your appliances

All modern household appliances will now have an energy efficiency rating. This rating is an ideal thing to look out for when looking at purchasing a new appliance such as a cooker or washing machine. It is by no means cost effective to replace all your appliances with energy efficient ones straight away but keep an eye out for the ratings as they may inform your buying decision when it is time for a new one.

You can learn about energy efficiency ratings here

Check your double glazing

Double glazing will make a home much more energy efficient ensuring that wind does not enter the property so it can retain heat for longer. Damaged of faulty double glazing however can lead to your home losing large amounts of heat. If you notice large temperature drops in certain parts of your home, it is helpful to check your windows are not damaged or faulty.

Consider composite doors

Composite doors are rapidly gaining in popularity around the UK. Mostly used as a front door to the home a composite door gives a home an aesthetically pleasing entrance. Composite doors are not only about their look, but they are also manufactured with a solid foam core which further helps insulate a home ensuring no heat is leaving your home from your front door. Many older front doors will allow large amounts of heat to escape.

Home Insulation

While insulating an entire home can be a costly process the benefits of a well-insulated home can’t be denied. You can check to see if your loft is insulated, often buying loft insulation is cheaper than some people may expect and can be installed quite easily over a weekend. It will however take a bit of DIY knowhow so if you feel it is not safe you should contact a local roofer a free quote to see if they can complete the loft insulation process for you.

You can purchase some loft insulation here

In Conclusion

All of us around the UK are seeking to make more positive steps in our daily lives to help protect the environment and reduce our energy wastage. Some choices we make may well be small, but all things have an impact. Not everyone can afford new glazing, home improvements or a full suite of energy efficient appliances. Hopefully this article about additional energy saving techniques will help you reduce your energy consumption and begin to help you save some money on ever rising energy bills.